Pixel Perfect: A Guide to the Pixel Speedrun Craze

Pixel SpeedrunPixel Speedrun


The concept of speeds runs in video games has turned into an appealing aspect in the entire gaming world.

What is Pixel Speedrun?

Original Sin: Pixel Speedrun is an indie retro-inspired platformer created by Vendara.

Core Gameplay Mechanics

  • Movement: Players use the arrow keys or WASD to control their character’s movement. The character can jump, run, and wall jump to navigate the levels.
  • Levels: Each level presents a unique obstacle course filled with platforms, spikes, and enemies. Players need to master the movement mechanics to overcome these challenges efficiently.
  • Collectibles: Scattered throughout the levels are coins that players can collect for bonus points. While not essential for completing the level, collecting them can improve your leaderboard ranking.
  • Checkpoints: Certain points in the level act as checkpoints. If you touch a checkpoint and die, you respawn at that location instead of starting the entire level over.

The Thrill of the Speedrun

The nucleus of this streams is primarily based in a speedrunning characteristic.

What Makes it Special?

Several factors contribute to Pixel Speedrun’s appeal:

  • Simplicity: The core mechanics are easy to learn or introduce which means people new to the game will not have a hard time learning how to play the game.
  • Challenge: In fact, even though Pixel Speedrun looks quite simple in terms of visuals and the gameplay concept, it has quite a lot of depth.
  • Replayability: The constant speed and short levels make a player continue with the game with the hope to try a level again.
  • Community: It has a live and active forum and most of its clients are active participant of the online society.

Advanced Techniques for Mastering Pixel Speedrun

As you delve deeper into Speedrun, mastering advanced techniques becomes crucial for shaving off precious seconds from your times. Here are some key techniques to consider:

  • Pixel Perfect Jumps: This is crucial especially when it comes to maneuvering through squeeze and avoidable barriers.
  • Wall Jumping: It enables the player to get more height or turn by jumping on a wall..
  • Slide Jumping: Finally pressing down after jumping will result in a small forward slide at the highest point of the jump.
  • Enemy Manipulation: What one has to understand is that sometimes the enemies are not completely bad news for you.

Tips for New Speedrunners

If you’re new to Pixel Speedrun, here are some helpful tips to get you started:

  • Start Slow: It is not about trying to emulate record-breaking minutes in the kitchen all the time.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: In any given skill proof, the better you gets the more is practiced.
  • Learn from the Best: Play games by watching higher skilled players play. Join the
  • Community: Join the community threads of Pixel Speedrun or pixel related groups found in the now popular application called Discord.


Q: Is it free to play?

A: Indeed, this streams is not free; the game costs 1000 keys. Various outlets selling on PC, Mac, and Linux offer Pixel Speedrun for purchase.

Q: Are there any mods available for this streams?

A: Yes, it does have a modding community but from the looks of it, it is still small.

Q: How can I submit my streams for the leaderboards?

A: In most speedrunning communities, runners typically submit their runs by providing videos of their gameplay.

Q: Where can I find more information and resources about this streams?

A: Several online resources cater to Pixel Speedrunners. Here are some helpful starting points:

  • Official Website: The developer’s website might offer information about the game, updates, and potentially even community resources.
  • Speedrun.com: This website is a central hub for the speedrunning community. It features leaderboards, forums, and resources for various speedrunning titles, including Pixel Speedrun.
  • Twitch and YouTube: Twitch and YouTube are great platforms to find Speedrun streams and tutorials created by experienced players. These can offer valuable insights and strategies for improvement.


Pixel Speedrun’s mechanics are dead simple, and the addition of speed running element is what made the game interesting to everyone.

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