How Ultion Locks are Better than Other Types of Door Locks

ByPrime Star

Jun 28, 2024


Ultion locks have gained a reputation for providing superior security and peace of mind compared to other door locks. Designed and manufactured by Brisant Secure, Ultion locks offer advanced features and robust construction that make them stand out.

How Ultion Door Locks are Better than Other Types of Door Locks

Here’s an in-depth look at why Ultion locks are better than other door locks.

High-Security Rating

Ultion locks are renowned for their high-security rating. They have achieved the highest possible accreditation from Sold Secure and are approved by Secured by Design, a UK police initiative. These types of locks are also recommended by locksmiths in Hertford.


Enhanced Protection: Ultion locks’ high-security rating ensures that they provide an exceptional level of protection against common burglary techniques, such as lock picking, drilling, and snapping.

Insurance Compliance: Many insurance companies recognize the high-security rating of Ultion locks, which can result in lower premiums for homeowners.

Anti-Snap Technology

Lock snapping is a common method burglars use to break into homes. Ultion locks feature advanced anti-snap technology, making them highly resistant to this technique.


Dual Lockdown Mode: When an attack is detected, Ultion locks automatically enter lockdown mode, activating a hidden pin that secures the central cam and prevents the door from being opened.

Peace of Mind: Knowing that your lock is resistant to snapping provides homeowners an additional layer of security and peace of mind.

Drill and Pick Resistance

Ultion locks are engineered to withstand drilling and picking attempts. They incorporate hardened steel components and a complex keyway design.


Robust Construction: Hardened steel and complex mechanisms make it extremely difficult for burglars to drill or pick Ultion locks.

Increased Security: This resistance adds another level of security, ensuring that even sophisticated burglary techniques are thwarted.

Unique Key Control

Ultion locks have a unique key control feature, ensuring that keys can only be copied with the correct identification and authorization.


Key Security: The unique key control system prevents unauthorized key duplication, reducing the risk of keys falling into the wrong hands.

Convenience: Homeowners can control and track key copies, knowing exactly how many copies exist and who has them.

12-Pin Locking Mechanism

Unlike standard locks that typically have 5 or 6 pins, Ultion locks use a 12-pin locking mechanism, providing an astonishing 294,970 key combinations.


Enhanced Security: The increased number of pins and key combinations makes it virtually impossible for burglars to create a bump key or successfully pick the lock.

Unique Keys: Each Ultion lock key is unique, ensuring that no two keys are alike and enhancing overall security.

Smart Lock Integration

It integrate with smart lock technology, delivering modern conveniences while maintaining top-notch security.


Remote Access: Homeowners can lock and unlock their doors remotely via a smartphone app, providing convenience and control.

Activity Monitoring: Smart integration allows for real-time monitoring of lock activity, alerting homeowners to unauthorized access attempts.

Voice Control: Integration with smart home systems like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant allows for voice control of the lock.

Lifetime Guarantee

Ultion locks come with a lifetime guarantee against burglary. If a burglar manages to snap an Ultion lock and gain access, Brisant Secure will provide compensation.


Financial Assurance: The lifetime guarantee provides financial assurance and support in the unlikely event of a successful burglary.

Confidence in Quality: The guarantee reflects the manufacturer’s confidence in the lock’s quality and durability.


It is a superior to other door locks due to their advanced security features, robust construction, and innovative technology. With high-security ratings, anti-snap technology, drill and pick resistance, unique key control, a 12-pin locking mechanism, smart lock integration, and a lifetime guarantee, It offer unparalleled protection and peace of mind. For homeowners seeking the best in door lock security.

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