SpeedyShort.com: Streamlining Your Links in a Flash


Jul 3, 2024

In the modern world where everything is becoming fluid and most of the communication is online, tiny and short is pretty fabulous when abbreviating the long links. This can make the links rather tedious to send, consume much space especially in text messages or social media updates and most of the time look rather sketchy. This is whereby URL shortening services and products such as SpeedyShort.com come in handy.

What is SpeedyShort.com?

It is actually quite simple with the help of which you are able to make lengthy urls to manageable brief links. They are called short codes and can be easily shared, remembered and also make tracking easier for the admin.

How Does it Work?

Using SpeedyShort.com is a breeze. Here’s a simplified breakdown:

  1. Visit SpeedyShort.com: Head over to the SpeedyShort.com website in your web browser.
  2. Paste Your Long URL: In the designated field, paste the long URL you want to shorten.
  3. Customize (Optional): While it offers automatic shortening, you can optionally customize the shortcode for a more personal touch.
  4. Shorten It!: Click the “Shorten” button, and voilĂ ! Your long URL is transformed into a shorter, more manageable link.
  5. Share or Track: You can then share the shortened link on social media, emails, or text messages. Some it offer tracking features to see how many clicks your link receives.

Benefits of Using 

There are several advantages to using a URL shortening service like SpeedyShort.com:

  • Convenience: Shortened links are easier to share and take up less space in text-limited platforms like Twitter or SMS.
  • Professionalism: Replacing long, messy URLs with clean shortcodes can make your communication appear more professional and polished.
  • Brand Recognition: With customizable shortcodes (offered in some plans), you can incorporate your brand name into the shortened link for increased brand awareness.
  • Tracking (Paid Plans): Some SpeedyShort plans offer analytics features that allow you to track how many times your shortened link is clicked. This can be valuable for marketing campaigns or understanding content engagement.

SpeedyShort vs. Other URL Shortening Services

Several URL shortening services are available online. Here’s a quick comparison table to highlight some potential differences:

Feature SpeedyShort.com Other Services
Customization Optional (paid plans offer more options) May or may not be available
Tracking Paid plans offer click tracking Some services offer free tracking, some require payment
Brand Integration Can be incorporated in customized shortcodes (paid plans) May not be available
Free Usage Limits May have limitations on number of shortens per day Limits can vary depending on the service

Is SpeedyShort.com Right for You?

SpeedyShort.com is a suitable choice for anyone who wants to shorten long URLs quickly and easily. Free users can enjoy basic shortening functionality, while paid plans offer additional features like customization and click tracking.

Here’s a breakdown to help you decide:

  • Free User: If you only need occasional URL shortening for personal use, the free plan might be sufficient.
  • Social Media Manager/Marketer: Paid plans with customization and tracking can be valuable for managing social media campaigns and understanding content reach.
  • Business Owner: Shortened URLs with brand integration can enhance brand awareness in marketing efforts. Paid plans might be more suitable.

Alternatives to SpeedyShort.com

While SpeedyShort.com is a solid option, here are some popular alternatives:

  • Bitly: A widely used platform with free and paid plans.
  • TinyURL: Another popular option with a simple interface.
  • Rebrandly: Offers advanced customization and branding features.


Q: Is SpeedyShort.com free to use?

A: SpeedyShort.com offers a free plan with basic features. Paid plans with additional functionalities like customization and tracking are also available.

Q: How safe are shortened links?

A: It’s generally safe to use reputable URL shortening services like SpeedyShort.com. However, be cautious of clicking on shortened links from unknown sources, as they might redirect you to malicious websites.

Q: Do shortened links expire?

A: In most cases, shortened links created on SpeedyShort.com do not expire unless you choose a specific expiration date during customization (available in paid plans).


SpeedyShort.com offers a valuable tool for streamlining your online communication. Whether you’re a casual social media user or a business owner running marketing campaigns, shortened URLs can simplify link sharing, enhance professionalism, and even offer insights into content performance (with paid plans).

Before deciding on SpeedyShort.com, consider your individual needs. If you require basic shortening for occasional use, the free plan might suffice. For those seeking customization, brand integration, and click tracking, exploring paid plans or comparing features with other URL shortening services like Bitly or Rebrandly might be worthwhile.

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