Mia Perry: A Multifaceted Leader in Education, Research, and Sustainability


Apr 14, 2024
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Mia Perry is a name that resonates in the fields of education, research, and sustainability. Her work transcends geographical boundaries, making a significant impact on various aspects of learning and development. This article delves into her multifaceted career, exploring her expertise, achievements, and ongoing endeavors.

Educator, Researcher, Facilitator: Unveiling Mia Perry’s Roles

Mia Perry wears many hats. Here’s a breakdown of her key roles:

  • Educator: Mia Perry is a passionate educator, dedicated to fostering learning within and beyond traditional classroom settings. Her experience spans various educational contexts, including schools, communities, and informal learning environments.
  • Researcher: Driven by a thirst for knowledge, Mia Perry actively researches in the areas of literacies, arts and cultural production, and research methodologies. Her research informs her teaching practices and contributes to the advancement of educational theory.
  • Facilitator: Mia Perry possesses excellent facilitation skills, bringing people together to foster dialogue, collaboration, and knowledge exchange. This ability is crucial in her work with diverse communities and stakeholders.

Key takeaway: Mia Perry’s expertise lies in education, research, and facilitation, making her a valuable asset in promoting learning and development.

Areas of Expertise: Delving Deeper into Mia Perry’s Work

Mia Perry’s dedication extends to various specialized areas within education and research. Let’s explore some key themes:

  • Literacies and Learning: Mia Perry’s research focuses on how people develop literacy skills across different contexts. This includes traditional literacy (reading and writing) as well as digital literacy and other forms of learning essential in the 21st century.
  • Arts and Cultural Production: Mia Perry recognizes the power of arts and cultural expression in education. Her work explores how integrating arts into learning can enhance creativity, critical thinking, and communication skills.
  • Methodologies of Research and Teaching: Mia Perry is a strong advocate for innovative research and teaching methodologies. She explores ways to make research more accessible and participatory, bridging the gap between theory and practice.
  • Sustainability in Education: Recognizing the importance of sustainability, Mia Perry integrates this concept into her educational approach. She promotes responsible practices within educational institutions and equips learners with the skills to become responsible global citizens.

Table: Key Areas of Expertise

Area of Expertise Description Example
Literacies and Learning Focuses on how people develop various literacy skills Researching the impact of digital tools on reading comprehension.
Arts and Cultural Production Explores the use of arts in education Implementing drama workshops to promote communication skills.
Methodologies of Research and Teaching Advocates for innovative research and teaching methods Using participatory action research to involve communities in educational planning.
Sustainability in Education Integrates sustainability principles into education Developing curriculum materials that promote environmental awareness.

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Key takeaway: Mia Perry’s expertise encompasses a wide range of areas, making her a well-rounded leader in the educational field.

Career Highlights: Exploring Mia Perry’s Trajectory

Mia Perry’s career trajectory demonstrates her dedication to impactful work. Here are some notable highlights:

  • Professor at the University of Glasgow: Currently, Mia Perry holds the position of Professor of Arts and Literacies in Education at the University of Glasgow, Scotland. This esteemed position allows her to share her knowledge and mentor future generations of educators.
  • Co-Director of Sustainable Futures in Africa: Mia Perry co-directs the Sustainable Futures in Africa program, a global initiative promoting sustainable development through education. This role reflects her commitment to fostering positive change across continents.
  • Authored Publications: Mia Perry has authored and co-authored numerous academic publications, contributing significantly to the field of educational research. Her work informs educators and researchers worldwide.

Key takeaway: Mia Perry’s career achievements showcase her leadership and dedication to advancing education and sustainability on a global scale.


Here are some frequently asked questions about Mia Perry:

Q: What are Mia Perry’s research interests?

A: Mia Perry’s research interests span literacies, arts, sustainability, post-critical theories, and research theory itself.

Q: Where can I find Mia Perry’s publications?

A: You can find Mia Perry’s academic publications on platforms like Google Scholar or through the University of Glasgow’s library database.

Q: Is Mia Perry involved in any ongoing projects?

A: Given the nature of her work, Mia Perry likely participates in various ongoing research projects and initiatives. Following her social media profiles or the University of Glasgow’s website might provide updates on her current endeavors.


Mia Perry’s multifaceted career exemplifies the power of dedication and innovation in education. Her work as an educator, researcher, and facilitator bridges theory and practice, fostering learning and development across diverse communities. By focusing on critical literacies, the integration of arts, and sustainable practices, Mia Perry equips learners with the skills needed to thrive in a complex world. Her ongoing research and leadership roles position her as a force for positive change in education and sustainability on a global scale. As Mia Perry’s work continues to evolve, we can expect even more significant contributions to the ever-changing landscape of learning and development.

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