Demystifying the 662 Area Code: Your Guide to Northern Mississippi Calls

Apr 25, 2024
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Ever received a call with a 662 area code and wondered where it came from? Look no further! This comprehensive guide dives into everything you need to know about this area code, its coverage area, history, and functionalities.

What is an Area Code?

An area code is the first three digits of a ten-digit North American phone number. It identifies the geographic region where the phone number originates. Think of it as a postal code for phone numbers, directing your call to the right part of the country.

Unveiling the 662 Area Code

It covers the northern half of the U.S. state of Mississippi. Major cities served by this area code include Tupelo, Columbus, Corinth, Greenville, Greenwood, Starkville, and a significant portion of the Memphis metropolitan area that spills into Mississippi.

Here’s a breakdown of what the 662 area code signifies:

  • Location: Northern Mississippi
  • Major Cities: Tupelo, Columbus, Corinth, Greenville, Greenwood, and Starkville
  • Time Zone: Central Time (CT)

A Brief History 

Mississippi’s phone service needs grew tremendously in the late 20th century. Originally, the entire state relied on a single area code, 601, established in 1947 as one of the first in the North American Numbering Plan.

To accommodate the increasing demand for new phone numbers, this area code was created in 1999 through a process called a split. This essentially divided the state’s phone numbering resources, assigning 662 to the northern region.

An interesting fact: Until October 2021, the 662 area code included the central office code 988. However, 988 was designated nationwide as the dialing code for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, creating a conflict. To avoid confusion, the 662 area code transitioned to mandatory ten-digit dialing in October 2021. This means that even for local calls within the 662 region, you must dial all ten digits of the phone number, including the area code.

Fun Facts About This Code

  • It is home to two of Mississippi’s prominent universities: the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) in Oxford and Mississippi State University in Starkville.
  • It encompasses parts of the vibrant Memphis metropolitan area, offering a blend of urban and rural landscapes.
  • It reflects the rich cultural heritage of northern Mississippi, with influences from music (blues, gospel), cuisine (soul food), and storytelling traditions.

Making Calls to and From the 662 Area Code

Placing a call to a number with this code follows the standard ten-digit dialing procedure:

  1. Dial the country code (1) for calls within the United States.
  2. Enter the area code (662).
  3. Dial the seven-digit local phone number.

For calls originating from this code, you’ll need to use the ten-digit dialing format, even for local calls within the same region.

Here’s a table summarizing the dialing format:

Call Type Dialing Format
Calling a 662 number from anywhere in the US 1-662-XXX-XXXX
Calling from a 662 number to another 662 number (after Oct 2021) 1-662-XXX-XXXX

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Important Note: If you are traveling to or from an area with a different area code, be sure to check the local code to ensure proper dialing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Q: Is 662 a valid area code?

A: Yes, 662 is a valid area code covering the northern half of Mississippi.

Q: What cities are in the 662 area code?

A: Major cities served by the code include Tupelo, Columbus, Corinth, Greenville, Greenwood, Starkville, and parts of the Memphis metropolitan area.

Q: Do I need to dial the area code for local calls within the 662 region?

A: Yes, ten-digit dialing became mandatory for the this area code in October 2021. This applies to all calls, even local ones.


It serves as a vital link for communication across northern Mississippi. Understanding its coverage area, history, and dialing procedures ensures you can connect seamlessly with individuals and businesses in this region.

From the bustling university towns to the culturally rich landscapes, it reflects the unique character of northern Mississippi. So, next time you encounter a 662 number, you’ll be well-equipped to navigate the call and explore the vibrant communities it represents.

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