Unveiling Peúgo: A Portuguese Word’s Two Lives



The language of the Discoverers is quite colorful and numerous words can be much more than one might expect.

Peúgo: A Word with Two Faces

Prepare to be surprised actually contains two different meanings all together depending on what context it is used in. undefined

It as Short Socks

It refers to a type of clothing; more specifically, it refers to a type of short sock.

In this paper the structure of Peügo remains in the realm of geometry.


Context Meaning Example Sentence
Clothing Short socks “Vovó tricotou lindos peúgos para me manter aquecido no inverno.” (Grandma knitted lovely peúgos to keep me warm in winter.)
Geometry Art of dividing and cutting materials “O carpinteiro utilizou técnicas de peúgo para criar móveis personalizados.” (The carpenter employed peúgo techniques to craft bespoke furniture.)

Peúgo in Everyday Portuguese


Is it a common word in Portuguese?

While not necessarily an everyday term, it holds significance in specific contexts, particularly when referring to short socks in Galicia and the art of precise material cutting in technical fields.

Are there any synonyms for “peúgo”?

Depending on the meaning, synonyms for it can include:

  • For short socks: “Meias curtas” (short socks), “meiões” (ankle socks)
  • For material cutting: “Corte preciso” (precise cut), “divisão regular” (regular division)

How is it pronounced?

The pronunciation of it is roughly “pay-OO-go” with the “oo” sound similar to the “oo” in “boot.”

Are there any cultural aspects associated with this socks?

In Galicia, it might hold a touch of cultural significance as a traditional type of sock worn for warmth and comfort.

Is “peúgo” a formal or informal word?

“Peúgo” leans more towards the informal side, especially when referring to socks. However, in technical contexts related to material cutting, it can be used in a more formal setting.


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