Unveiling Tsutsumi Serina: A Journey Through Music


Jul 6, 2024
Tsutsumi SerinaTsutsumi Serina


The name Tsutsumi Serina might lead you down two paths in the world of Japanese music. Here, we’ll explore both possibilities, delving into the potential careers of these Tsutsumi Serinas.

Serina of Little Glee Monster

The first possibility is Serina, vocalist for the energetic and talented J-pop group Little Glee Monster.

  • Little Glee Monster: A five-member Japanese pop group known for their powerful vocals and uplifting music. Formed in 2009, they’ve achieved immense popularity in Japan and internationally.

Born on June 1st, 1998, in Osaka, Japan, Serina brings a unique voice and stage presence to Little Glee Monster. While details about her personal life are scarce, her musical journey with the group is well documented.

Here are some highlights of Serina’s career with Little Glee Monster:

  • Debut and Early Success: Little Glee Monster debuted in 2014 with their single “Magic Wand.” Their energetic performances and catchy music quickly garnered a loyal fanbase.
  • Vocal Prowess: Serina is known for her powerful and versatile vocals. She can effortlessly belt out high notes and deliver soulful ballads.
  • Songwriting Contributions: In recent years, Serina has begun contributing to the group’s songwriting, adding another dimension to her artistic talent.

Discography with Little Glee Monster (as of July 2024):

Album Title Release Date
Girls Anthem 2014
Journey 2016
Rainbow 2018
Glory 2020
Marvelous World 2023

Tsutsumi Serina: Solo Artist (Potential)?

The second possibility is that Tsutsumi Serina could be the name of a lesser-known solo artist or someone who hasn’t debuted yet. Due to the limited information available online, it’s difficult to confirm a solo career.

However, the music industry is full of talented individuals waiting for their chance to shine. It’s not uncommon for singers to use their full name before adopting a stage name. So, Tsutsumi Serina could be a potential artist we might hear about in the future.

Looking for More Information?

Here are some tips for finding more information about Tsutsumi Serina:

  • Search Japanese websites and social media: Utilize Japanese search engines and social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram (using Japanese keywords) to see if there’s any online presence under the name Tsutsumi Serina.
  • Follow Little Glee Monster: Stay updated on Little Glee Monster’s activities, as any mention of Serina would likely come from the group’s official channels.
  • Explore Japanese music databases: Websites like VGMdb (Video Game Music Database) sometimes include information on lesser-known artists.


Q: Is there a confirmation of two Tsutsumi in the music industry?

A: Currently, there’s no concrete evidence of two separate Tsutsumi. One possibility is Serina, the vocalist of Little Glee Monster. The other possibility is a potential solo artist yet to debut.

Q: How can I learn more about Serina from Little Glee Monster?

A: Follow Little Glee Monster’s official website and social media channels for updates on the group and its members.

Q: Where can I find music by Tsutsumi (solo artist)?

A: As of now, there’s no confirmation of a solo career for Serina. However, you can explore Japanese music databases or follow industry news to see if any information surfaces in the future.


The name Tsutsumi Serina holds the potential for two exciting paths in Japanese music. While Serina with Little Glee Monster continues to captivate audiences, the possibility of a new artist remains intriguing. As the music scene evolves, we might see Serina emerge as a solo artist, adding another voice to the vibrant tapestry of Japanese music.

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